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One of the aims of ARC is to promote the sport of rowing within the community. An avenue that the Club actively pursues to achieve this aim is through the development of a Learn-To-Row (LTR) program.

The program aims to provide an entry-point for members of the public to learn and develop the basic skills of rowing. No upfront commitments, such as membership of the club, are required to participate, thus allowing anyone to try their hand at the sport before joining the Club. The sessions are designed to allow all participants to progress at their own rate, without the pressure of being pushed too hard, or being held back by others.

There is no better feeling than a rowing boat gliding along the calm smooth water with the only movement being the ultimate team moving in perfect harmony to propel the boat forward. If you are new to the sport and want to experience rowing the ARC learn to row program is the perfect oppurtunity for you.

Info on Learn To Row

The Learn-To-Row program consists of a block of 5 weekly sessions, held on Sunday mornings. Sessions generally run for 2 to 2.5 hours.

Sessions are conducted from the Adelaide Rowing Club boatshed on Torrens Lake. The boatshed is situated on the City side of the Torrens, 100m East of the Morphett St Bridge, and is directly between the Adelaide Convention Centre and the water.There is a chance during summer that the Torrens Lake is closed, if this happens then the program will be moved to the boat shed located at West Lakes.

At the first session of each program, rowers will placed into crews of 4 into coxed quad sculls (4 people, each with 2 oars, plus a coach in the coxswain’s seat to steer). The crews will remain relatively constant for the remainder of the program in order to provide a consistant platform from which everyone in the crew can develop.

At the final session, after 5 weeks of learning the basic skills of rowing, all the crews who are ‘graduating’ will participate in a mini-regatta on the Torrens. All the graduates will receive an individual certificate to state that they had successfully mastered the basics of quad-sculling as well as an invitation to continue their involvement in the Club and the sport by becoming a member of the Club and participating in our other squads.

Please note, that in cases of bad weather (wind, rain, lightning etc.), sessions will still go ahead as scheduled, but no on-water rowing will be conducted to ensure the safety of all participants. However, an extended off-water session using the rowing machines will still go ahead at the same time and venue.

Rowing is an activity that can involve strenuous physical activity, and a reasonable level of fitness is required to participate in the sport to its full extent. Participants with existing medical issues should consult their physician as to their ability to participate in the sport and our program.

Due to the physical strength required to be able to participate in rowing, the Club has set a minimum age limit for participants in the Learn To Row program of 16 years.

What happens during each session?

Each session consists of 2 components: a primary on-water component and a secondary off-water section.

The on-water component of each session will be conducted in coxed quad sculls – that is, 4 people, each rowing with 2 small oars, and a coxswain to steer. The coxswain will be one of our experienced coaches, who will teach participants in the correct sculling technique, as well as in boatmanship, safe navigation on the water and good boat handling and care practices.

Off the water, participants will be able to further practice their rowing technique using clubs ergometers (rowing machines). These versatile machines can provide excellent feedback to the rower about their technique as well as providing a full-body fitness workout. The coaches will again provide direct 1-on-1 coaching advice to the rowers.

Additionally, some sessions may also include some short theory sections explaining the background behind some of the intriguing, and at-times, counter-intuitive, aspects of rowing. Also, practical run-throughs in stretching and other injury-prevention techniques may be conducted periodically.


Rowing is the ultimate team sport, and is a great way to build teamwork, comradery and many other life skills. It is also a great avenue to make life-long friendships.

If are interested in trying your hand at rowing, and have some friends, family or work colleagues who would like to have a go alongside of you, they are more than welcome to join in. We will make every effort to place you within a crew along with your companions.

So why not do some recruitment, and bring a whole crew along with you for 5 weeks of guaranteed fun, fitness and friendship!


A fee of $220 is payable prior to being enrolled in a program block. This fee covers all coaching and equipment costs. Participants who are Active category members of the Club are exempt.

What To Bring

  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Drink bottle
  • Thongs
  • Bike shorts, tights or footy shorts (Board shorts not recommended)
  • Singlet top, polo- or T-shirt
  • Spare socks (to wear in t he boat)
  • Gym or running shoes , with socks (to wear whilst using the rowing machines)

Further Details

The Terms & Conditions for the ARC Learn To Row Program (with Registration Form) is available for download HERE.

To register your interest or for further details, please contact the Learn to Row Coordinator, Donna Webb, by emailing Learntorow@adelaiderowingclub.com.au or:

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